The Republican Main Street Partnership PAC supports a growing alliance of more than 60 sitting members in Congress dedicated to enacting common-sense legislation on issues including healthcare, equal pay, childcare, higher education, infrastructure, and other quality of life initiatives.

Our Members run and win in the most highly contested swing districts in the country, which is key to taking back the House and the Senate. When you give to the RMSP PAC, you help secure the future of the Republican Party.

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Election Day 2022

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The RMSP PAC supports Members who share a commitment to government that works to better American communities. We know how to reach across the aisle to build initiatives that not only work but endure. We have a long track record of crafting and passing effective legislation.

Member Spotlight


Randy Feenstra

Iowa's 4th District

Randy Feenstra has spent decades in public service in the Sioux County, IA, area and has lived there his entire life. Rep. Feenstra defeated incumbent Rep. Steve King in the June 2020 Republican primary. He left a job as head of sales for the Foreign Candy Company to become Hull City Administrator and was a leading conservative voice in the State Senate with a record of results defending Christian values and Iowa taxpayers. In that role, he was the key architect of the largest state income tax cut in state history; led the way on reducing property taxes; and supported the largest expansion of Second Amendment rights in Iowa history, co-sponsoring the constitutional carry bill, helping stop the implementation of red-flag laws in Iowa; and supporting Iowa’s stand-your-ground law.


Carlos Gimenez

Florida's 26th District

Carlos Gimenez was born in Cuba and immigrated to the United States with his family following the Cuban Revolution in 1960. His family settled in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood and Gimenez has been a Miami-Dade resident ever since. In addition to serving as Miami-Dade mayor since 2011, Gimenez spent 25 years as a firefighter with the Miami Fire-Rescue Department, nine as chief. As mayor, he balanced the county’s budget every year without raising taxes and brought taxpayers the largest tax cut in country history. To help bring the county budget under control, Gimenez cut his own salary by 50%, sliced his office budget by more than $1 million; reduced the number of county departments from 42 to 26 and eliminated 1,700 positions, and put the county’s checkbook online so all taxpayers could see how their tax dollars were being spent. Gimenez is a graduate of Barry University with a degree in Public Administration.


Andrew Garbarino

New York's 2nd District

Andrew Garbarino represents Long Islanders from New York’s 2nd Congressional District. A graduate of George Washington University with a law degree from Hofstra University, Rep. Garbarino worked in a law firm in his hometown of Sayville. Since 2013, he represented much of the South Shore in the New York State Assembly, focusing on increasing state funding for local school districts, protecting Long Island’s environment including the Great South Bay, opposing tax hikes, and fighting the opioid crisis. As a member of the Codes Committee in the State Assembly, he spoke out against Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s bail-reform laws that have allowed criminals to walk free and, in many cases, reoffend. He is replacing retiring Cong. Peter King.